Monday, January 17, 2011


smitten copy
Another layout..
I actually did a layout with this same picture, traditionally, right after Pey was born, but I love this layout so much more…
(See what you think.)
New product out today from liv.edesigns.
"I heart doodles 2" brushes.
And some oldies!
(Which I totally love, and mad this perfect..)
Also from Liv:
Soft and Gentle Solid papers.
Tape it up frames.
Sew Crafty Messy Stitches vol. 1 from Splendid Fiins.
Staple from Crystal Wilkerson.
Fonts: “Lobster” and “My Type of Font”.


Jocelyn said...

oh, that picture is just the sweetest!!!!

mandi said...

These are so great! Awesome job!

Bon said...

This page is so so beautiful! OMgoodness! P.s. I was so glad you invited me to your personal blog again that I read back to some posts I missed when you started (the year before I jumped in) You were writing about things you were grateful that your mom taught you. I have you and my BFF to rely on as the homemaking goddesses. She is going to be my home organization guru, we have the plan set. But if you ever get to doing me a favor could you elaborate on this line about what my fab Aunt Janet taught you about cleaning?

"Everyday cleaning. How to clean. What to clean, what to clean what with. How often we clean. There are some people who just don't know and I have to admit that I am a little shocked."

I am trying to re-organize and since I am done with the newborn baby stage I would love some tips!