Monday, January 10, 2011

On my way..

That goal, you know, that one
(No, not the one about eating a piece of candy or chocolate a day..  the other one.)
Well, I have one page down of that one year (minus the two weeks that are done).
It’s mostly thanks to Liv’s inspiration.
These doodle brushes were perfect!  I had an extremely hard time trying to decide which one to use on this layout.
sweetpea copy
I love how it turned out!
Other supplies used on this layout:
Stitching from Anna Aspnes
Font: “Firefly Castle”.
Frame:  Vintage Polaroid brush from Deviantart.
Paper: Paint Play Swishes paper pack by liv.edesigns
Tape: Washi tape by liv.edesigns
Doodle brush: I heart doodles by liv.edesigns

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Monica Lifferth said...

Just looked through your blog and wanted to say that if we were next door neighbors we would be BFFs. Ha ha. We just have a lot in common. My crafty loves are baking, sewing, and scrapping too. Love your blog, and love your work. Not sure why I wasn't following before. Lucky you, you have a new blog stalker! :)