Thursday, January 27, 2011

Check it out...

It's "Thrilling Thursday" at Mouse, Paper, Lovely, and seriously, it's thrilling!
Go check out the first "Thrilling Thursday" there..
(There is a pretty "Thrilling" give away...)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love is in the air…

Valentine’s day is on it’s way, so is Easter, apparently.  I saw Easter candy right next to the Valentine’s stuff at the store the other day..
But further proof that Valentine’s is coming, and is really first is evident in the product available today at Jessica Sprague.
Let’s start off with new templates from Liv
LIV-2011Templates1-7-12x12 copy
She designed these with those project 365ers, 52ers, or 12ers in mind.  They also come in 8 & 1/2 x 11 size.
Other credits:
Liv's "Not Quite White" paper pack.
Liv's "Paint Play Swishes" paper pack.
Carina Gardner's "Santa's Sleigh Stamps".
Queen of Quirk "Reindeer Games" accents.
Ric-rack from Splendid Fiins "Feedsack elements 2 Pack".
Font used: “My Type of Font”.
Then there is more splendidness from Splendid Fiins…
First up: these lovely frames..
love you copy
Other credits:
Paper from Splendid Fiins "Brilliant" collection.
Ric-rack and zig-zag stitching from "Feedsack 2 Elements" (also Splendid Fiins).
White border stitching from "Sew Crafty: Messy Stitches vol. 1" (Splendid Fiins).
And then this lovely quick page from the same lovely designer:
splendidfiins_love-yoo_QP copy
So easy.  Plug in your pix, add your text and ta-da!!  So cute…
Fonts: “Veteran Typewriter” and “Never Let Go”.
The lovely lettering in this one comes from Echo Park.
love_love_me_do copy
Other credits:
"Be Mine" papers from Echo Park.
Elements from Echo Park's "Be Mine" element pack #1.
Stitching from Splendid Fiins "Sew Crafty: Messy Stiching vol. 1".
Staple from Crystal Wilkerson's "November Eye Candy".
That stitched banner was created using a single stitch brush I happily added to my arsenal of brushes when I took Jessica’s “Brushabilities” class.  That is the only way to get it, and it is well worth it!  Great class to take to learn or just enhance your learning of the PhotoShop brush tool.
(Here’s the link to that class.)
Font: Veteran Typewriter.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I love Liv!

I happen to love all the great designers at Jessica Sprague, don’t get me wrong..  but it’s Liv’s day to shine over there!
I have been using her products for a while, her designs and her attention to every little detail, are amazing!
Go see what great things Liv has been up to, and while you are there, take advantage of one of the newest, greatest things the dreamy team has come up with there..
Take 25% off anything in Liv’s store today through Sunday!!
And to make it even better (anything + Liv = better..) go to Digi Lovely and download a new mini kit, designed by Liv for FREE.
(This offer also ends at midnight on Sunday.)
It’s all incredible!
Here’s just a sample:
click copy
Liv’s “Click- mini kit” (the FREEbie!!).
Splendid Fiins “Sew Crafty- Messy Stitches vol. 1”.

Monday, January 17, 2011


smitten copy
Another layout..
I actually did a layout with this same picture, traditionally, right after Pey was born, but I love this layout so much more…
(See what you think.)
New product out today from liv.edesigns.
"I heart doodles 2" brushes.
And some oldies!
(Which I totally love, and mad this perfect..)
Also from Liv:
Soft and Gentle Solid papers.
Tape it up frames.
Sew Crafty Messy Stitches vol. 1 from Splendid Fiins.
Staple from Crystal Wilkerson.
Fonts: “Lobster” and “My Type of Font”.

Monday, January 10, 2011

On my way..

That goal, you know, that one
(No, not the one about eating a piece of candy or chocolate a day..  the other one.)
Well, I have one page down of that one year (minus the two weeks that are done).
It’s mostly thanks to Liv’s inspiration.
These doodle brushes were perfect!  I had an extremely hard time trying to decide which one to use on this layout.
sweetpea copy
I love how it turned out!
Other supplies used on this layout:
Stitching from Anna Aspnes
Font: “Firefly Castle”.
Frame:  Vintage Polaroid brush from Deviantart.
Paper: Paint Play Swishes paper pack by liv.edesigns
Tape: Washi tape by liv.edesigns
Doodle brush: I heart doodles by liv.edesigns

Saturday, January 8, 2011

An auction for a good cause.

Hey friends!!

My friend Em is hosting an auction on her blog February 5th.  There are some talented and loving ladies who have donated handmade items to be auctioned.  All proceeds will go to the March of Dimes.

(See, good cause.)

Please take a look (or more) and give some support if you can!

This is over there too..


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been dreading this part of the year (aka, the beginning..) and the evaluation that comes with it.
I look back on last year, and all of those fabulous goals that I set at the beginning of it, and think, no, I KNOW that I was crazy, or under the influence of something, like too much sugar.
I set a goal that I would scrap 144+.
The + being the traditional layout I would do for every digital layout scrapped.
(Does anyone else hear the sound of failure?)
Ready for this last year’s tally?
No drum roll required….  really, don’t get excited, DON’T.
I didn’t even bother to count how many were traditional or how many of those are digital.
Why bother?
I think we all know that the majority are digi anyway.
So this year, I am setting realistic goals.  Goals such as: “Eat a piece (or two) of chocolate and/or candy everyday.”
See, I can do that!  Set a goal to not, and I might last one week, might.
So in the way of scrapping, I am setting a goal to get Peyton’s first year completed.  I got to two weeks (I think) and she will be three next month..
It would be a lot easier to scrap those pix if I didn’t cry every time I busted them out…  watery substance and scrapbook paper do not play well together.
I would also like to get the family pix scrapped from when I was preggers  with her… 
Other than that, I am not putting a number to anything, just to get to a certain point in my scrapping. 
Other goals (maybe) and some more de-junking and house-cleaning as far as blogging goes will soon follow…  I just need to find the motivation.
Changes are to come!