Friday, April 30, 2010

Another day..

Of fun freebies!!
Today’s freebies were courtesy of Danielle Thompson of Kitschy Digitals and Miss Crystal Wilkerson herself.
(And we all know how much I love her!)
gorgeous girl copy bubble-gum copy chace copy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today’s accomplishments.

I got a couple of layouts done thanks to some fun freebies!
(Today’s freebies were from Nisa Fiin and Linda Roos.)
All other elements: kraft paper: freebie from Jessica Sprague; frame, brackets, “a”, stitching, staple all Crystal Wilkerson.  Font: “My Type of Font”.
now.. copy
Kraft paper background was a freebie from I don’t remember where!  The orange paper, labels and sticker all freebies from Nisa Fiin.  Stitching: Anna Aspnes.  Fabric buttons: Linda Roos.  Vintage Polaroid brush from Deviantart.
I also managed to FINALLY finish off the last decoration for my shelf..
28&29 013 28&29 018 28&29 022 28&29 024
Tutorial for the fabric flowers found here.


My chores are done (all except for the laundry, but I have learned quite quickly that it is no fun standing in front of the washer and/or dryer waiting for the cycle to end), the children’s tummies are full, I am off to play!!

Come play too..


There will be freebies and fun challenges all weekend long..  and yes, my weekend will begin today. :)

So if you need me, I will be here, there (arrow pointing above) or in my craft room.

(Note there will be breaks for the occasional and needed bum-wiping, nose-wiping, snuggle, potty-break, book-reading, or snack-eating.)

That is all.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Buck Wednesday!

Head on over to Jessica Sprague for some fun stuff for “One Buck Wednesday”.
AND this layout of mine is featured here..
(You’ll have to scroll a lot..  there is some great talent out there!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hybrid Challenge.

This week’s challenge in the Jessica Sprague’s Spraground, was to go hybrid with iron-ons.

I went from designing this:


Using (guess who…) Crystal Wilkerson’s “Oh Boy!” papers (here too), labels, and alphabet

To this:


A tote bag for our library trips.

hybridchallenge3 hybridchallenge2

(I made one for each of the girls.)

I have had the bags for a while, and was planning on foam stamping their names and the words, “book bag” on each of them.


So I was pretty excited about this challenge.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hybrid no. 1

26th 001

This was my first EVER hybrid project.

(It won’t be my last.)

I used..  guess who?

Crystal Wilkerson’s “Oh Boy! Party Time” and “Oh Boy! Party Time Extras” papers.

A little rub-on from American Crafts, some plain white cardstock and scalloped punches, a few rhinestones and there you have it.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been keeping a secret..
I am not good at it.
I have only been keeping it since Monday.
See, not too good.
I have let the people who are in my life everyday know about it, and I have to admit I called my momma first..  I {heart} my mom!
So here goes…
I am an “un-official” creative team member for Miss Awesome Herself, Crystal Wilkerson.
I wish you could have seen my grin the day I read her e-mail!
(Okay, you got me..  still grinning!)
So I will be designing a lot with her product (pfft…  like I don’t already..) and plugging it even more.
But somehow I don’t think you will get sick of seeing her darling stuff.
springsweeties copy
And today is no exception!!
I created this page with her “Happy Spring” kit (papers and labels).
I created the scalloped strip using her “Funky Stitching” brushes.
The staple is from her “Office Supplies”.
Fonts and other supplies used: “Anstypants” for title, “Never Let Go” on pink label, “My Type of Font” for date and names, and “Heather” for letter stickers.  (All at
Stitching by Brittish Designs.
I LOVED using this brush to create a mask for the Polaroids!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free Spirit.

{Free Spirit} copy
I saw this “free spirit” template by Crystal Wilkerson at Jessica Sprague for one buck Wednesday and was so excited to play with it!!
It is so fitting for Ash, she is my little “free spirit”.
I also got her “doodley-doo” brush set for one buck!!
Head on over, it is one buck today only!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pillowcase dress re-take.

I don’t take many requests, but when I got a request for a patchwork pillowcase dress (much like Peyton’s St. Patrick’s day one) in soft baby colors, I had to test out a new method that was with me every waking hour.
I quite literally lay in bed every night, thinking this one through, how I could do it, how I would turn it, and after which step, etc.
The idea was exciting to me…
A reversible pillowcase dress..
It is much like a regular old pillowcase dress, but with a few extra steps.  Ones that I will know better methods for execution for later experiences.
I loved working with these colors!!  It brought on spring for me when spring hadn’t quite arrived yet.
(I have to admit I was a bit too particular about the blue..  I have many other options for blue now, hunting all over Northern Utah for what I thought was perfect..)
dress 011
And here it is, inside-out, or is it outside-in? ;)
dress 013
I won’t lie, these seams were kinda buggers when it came to top-stitching…  but the detail looks so good!
 dress 021
I can’t wait to see the little cutie this was dreamed up for in it..
I have also been playing around with bringing some springtime fun to the rest of the house.
Dish-towels anyone?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Favorite designer.

Can I gush?
Can I also make a slight confession?
I LOVE Crystal Wilkerson’s stuff..  she is incredible.  I think it is pretty safe to say that I just might own everything that she’s ever designed digitally.  Really.
Now for my slight confession…
I peed my pants just a little today.
She asked to be my friend in the good old Spraground!!
Then she told me that she posted my layout on her blog.
(Then I may or may not have lost more of my bladder control.)
Need I say that I am blushing?
Right now , and for the next two days only, her kits are available for 40% off at  If there were something that I didn’t already own, I would be there now, buying it all up while I can at this awesome price.
(And did I already mention how much I LOVE her stuff??)
Hopefully more good news is to come, and soon!
Aren’t Monday’s the bomb!?!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A love letter of sorts.

projects 003

Dear Mary Lou,

It has been a week and a half since I began my love affair with your “Best Press” starch alternative spray, scented so lightly with relaxing lavender.  I actually enjoy ironing.  I am actually considering not having to buy any more “wrinkle free” dress shirts for the other love of my life. 

Your spray is that incredible.

It has made my sewing projects that much more pleasurable, and I do love to sew.  Now I just love it that much more!

My iron is now looking at life through rose colored glasses due to the fact that your spray doesn’t deface it with white residue and flake that transfers to all fabric that it comes in contact with.

Pressing seams is heaven and something that I don’t dread anymore.

The atmosphere between all of me and my necessary friends in my sewing/craft room is unimaginable.

I am halfway through bottle #1, and need to be off to purchase more so as I will not run out, and have things regress to where they previously were.

Thank you for how you changed my life!

My deepest admiration,


Friday, April 9, 2010


Okay, I have to toot my own horn, for just a second..
Go here.
I think my day was just made!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Challenges!

two years copy
I have recently started doing some digital scrapbooking challenges at various websites.
It is a good way for me to implement new knowledge and techniques into the layouts I want (and need) to get done.
Pretty good way to get some work done!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A blast from the scrapbooking past.

While sorting through ten years of scrapbooks and pictures, I came across this page I did when Lynn was just two.  I just love it so much!  I love to see how their special relationship has been firmly in place since she was small.
Such a sweet memory!
I am so thankful that I scrapbook..
Now I think I should catch up!

A Decade.

That is how long we have been married, and it kind of blows my mind!
(In a good way.)
I have had plans for months now to put a book together for Merrill, documenting each of our ten years of marriage with a run-down of what happened every year.
He had a pretty rough week at work last week, so when he was at work, I was busy with things that needed doing, and when he was home, we were right together, which meant that I couldn’t work on his book.
So I did it all yesterday while the girls spent their last day of Spring break at Grammy’s with all their cousins.
I survived on Cheez-Its, Coke Zero, Cadbury mini eggs, and listening to Conference, again.
Here are the picture layouts, no journaling though..
page1 page3 page5 page7 page9 page11 page13 page15 page17 page19
It was quite emotional and time consuming to go through that many years worth of pictures.  It seemed hard at the time, as I was scanning in the years 2000-2004, but I learned that it was more difficult in the later years because I had SO MANY pictures to choose from!
I guess this puts me at 20 pages for the month, eh? ;)