Thursday, August 27, 2009

Give it a go..

This is one of those things I was SOOO excited about, just the idea of it, when I began this last Jessica Sprague course.
Making and sharing (possibly selling) digital scrapbooking schtuff.
So, here's my first freebie that will forever be free. :)
A brush set created by yours truly..
Let's all hope I get better at this!Go here to download.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sew Terrific..

Today, I got to it..
Sewing projects.
Lynn made her little Care Bear a bed.

She's so creative.. using a soup can crate as the frame, her blanket folded-up to make a comfy mattress.. Care Bear needed pillows, I was told.
So we made some pillows. Lynn picked-out the fabrics and drew the size she wanted them all to be on the chalkboard..

Care Bear had better sleep well tonight!
But with a mom like Lynn, I am sure she will..

A camera strap to go with my new camera..

I am a geek, this was something I was so excited for, just another plus to my new camera!
And pillows to go on my Mother's day gift..

It is driving me nuts that the Damask is sideways.. that whole print was just crooked, and I keep messing with it to get it positioned the way I want it. That yellowish-greenish color, that looks like breastfed baby poop, matches my siding PERFECTLY.. I love this fabric.
Don't be surprised when you see dresses and/or skirts in the same print soon!! ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Silly me..

I did this last night for my homework challenge of "putting it all together"..
I was so excited about it, yet I forgot to post it!!!
Four techniques I have learned this far:
- using brushes as erasers to distress
- making custom embellishments
- creating custom shapes
- creating grungy/distressed photo masks
The only elements on this page that I DID NOT make were the notebook paper, the stitching, and the staples.
I made the paper.
This is so cool!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New classes..

Jessica Sprague is one crafty little devil...
As soon as I finish one class, she sends me a coupon for another class..
Crafty I say...
This one is all about the brush tool in PhotoShop. I am waaaaaaay behind on my classes, but I will show you why as soon as my editing little fingers can. :)
Here's the first three days worth of homework:

Day one, step one:

Day one, step two:

Day two, text + chalk:

Day three, I can't even remember...
But I can do stuff like this, save it as a png. and use it on my layouts! :)
Something, something, distressed..
I am tired..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1 for the first..

Still don't know if I am in love with this paper for this layout..
Well, that's why I save a PhotoShop copy!! Easy change there, if I choose to make it..

Hello August..

I am actually on top of it.. I did this last night!