Tuesday, September 27, 2011

multiple personalities.

so really, i don't have multiple personalities.
(i know i totally ruined your day, didn't i? that had the potential to be terribly exciting.)
but up until this day, i have had three different blogs.
yup, it's true.
i have grown tired of these three worlds living semi-separate lives, and strongly had the desire to streamline my life.
so i merged them!
(after months of consideration, and most of those months there was only considering being done due to the fact that i didn't have the time to actually follow through with the desired change.)
may i suggest, that if you like coming here (where you are right now), try coming over here instead.
sure, you might just have to put up with the stories of the shenanigans my wee ones live-out all too fully and excitedly, and most possibly have to endure a picture (or two... hundred), but i think it could possibly be a rather large amount of fun!

1 comment:

BookwormMom said...

:) I'm going to have to have you instruct me on the merging thing...I think my photo blog needs to be streamlined, although my creative blog will maintain it's independence because I have plans for it in my 3 children in school future...