Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last week, we got the girls bunk beds.. that involved changing the orientation of the furniture, and moving things on the walls which led to patching and re-painting.. that took a day, the day we were getting the beds, and putting them together.
I painted their room two years ago, and it has by far been my favorite room I have done yet! So fun!!
This is the view of the bunk beds that sold the girls on them.. "so fancy"!
This has been in Lynn's room since she was two.
My favorite pictures of the girls.. had to move this shelf.
The doll house.. so much more room to play!!
The canvases..
Love this flower night light from IKEA.. Ashley is afraid of it.. the weirdo.
The girls love this magnet board.. and our stash of books.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hallie's cake..

It was my niece's birthday yesterday..
Having fondant that needed to be played with, I made her a cake..
I am so happy with how it turned out!!
I used the grass tip, writing tip, and large star tips.
Oh, and don't forget those cookie cutters!:)

Decorating Demo..

For Relief Society (RS) the other night, I was asked to do a cake decorating demonstration.
I can think of three other women, right off the top of my head, better equipped to do this.. but I did have fun!
Forgive the pics.. I am not a photographer! :D
I have a confession to make...
It was my first time ever playing with fondant.. it was fun!
I had to use my imagination to dream up some little boy ideas.. I am a girl expert though!
I use Wilton colors for everything (fondant included) and their featherweight bags. My favorite cake mix is Betty Crocker's butter recipe mixes, and I was taught a trick by my SIL from her friend that makes your cakes moist and yummy.. after you have let them cool, wrap them in foil and put them in the freezer until they are ready to decorate. It makes them easier to frost too!I used a grass tip on this one with a dinosaur cookie cutter to cut out the fondant.
Cookie cutters + fondant are my new best friends :D
Same tip, different cookie cutter. I shaped the flower center and the leaf by hand.
Grass tip, large star tip, butter fly cookie cutter.
Large star tip, "3" cookie cutter, and I rolled the balls out of left over fondant.
Small star tip..
So easy.. crushed Oreos (dirt) and a gummy worm cut in half.
This is a caterpillar made of whoppers.. so cute and so yummy!
Grass tip again. Water brushed on the fondant gives it a glossy look.
Cookie and Elmo. I used the grass tip again for the fur, rolled fondant into balls for the eyes and nose. Cookie Monster is feasting on a mini Chips A'hoy.. I became an expert on Cookie Monster when Lynn fell in love with him as a baby.
Cade helped me with this one. He smooshed the Oreos for my dirt and helped me place and re-place the dump truck repeatedly...
These flowers are another learned trick from Jaclyn. They are the chocolate candy melts, melted in a Zip-Loc bag, then the corner is snipped. I piped a doodle-y flower on to waked paper on my cutting board and put it into the fridge. Once they hardened, I placed them on the cake.
Easy-peasy! Here's the cupcake...
More large star tip and butterflies!

Here I am....

Life has been so crazy around here, I am afraid I don't quite have the words to adequately describe the craziness...
I have prizes to send off, if I could find them..
I began the scrap room re-do.. and well.. I thought it would be quicker.
The hotel ate in to most of my time...
It's almost all put back together..
..and then you will have you fun new things!
My mess..
Old color (green) meets new color (fudge.. it does make me hungry!)

Diamonds in fudge are here now, blue tape is gone :D
Keep watching!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playing catch-up..

This month, I will be posting at least 21 layouts..
So keep watching..
Thanks for all of your kind thoughts.. life just got too busy..
Has anyone seen the month of February?! I lost it..
I am beginning the month with a scrap space face-lift.. I am super excited!!