Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paper Kiwi

I recently got a book printed with Paper Kiwi.  They are local (to me), just a couple of hours down the road. 

april 009

Let me tell you a little about my experience:

I created my book in Photoshop Elements, saved the files as jpegs and uploaded them into their software (that you must download) dragging them into place (super easy).  You can create your book using their software too.

I loved how you were able to select your style of book, how it let you preview exactly how it would look while you were building it (to see how pages would merge together and such), and I loved how easy it was to add pages! 

The final step was to proof just how the book would look, catch any mistakes before you click on that final submit button.

I ordered my book late Tuesday night and had it, in my hands on Saturday afternoon. (!!)  Can you say fast?

I chose a hard-bound cover, in color, and was amazed at what I saw.  It is gorgeous!  The colors were a little darker than I saw on my monitor, but my monitor isn’t calibrated either.  That would be one detail I would have to remember for next time, to amp that up a little bit.

The first two pages were perfect, great weight of paper, colors vibrant (but still a little dark), and then the pages were sideways. 

I had to giggle.

Then I notified customer service via e-mail, and they responded later that evening.

(Fantastic customer service!!)

They informed me that they would begin re-printing my book first thing Monday.  And they did.

(Awesome customer service!)

A week later, my corrected book arrived, all things in their proper order!

april 010

My experience was amazing. 

I had read other reviews about slow software, but I didn’t experience any of that as I didn’t use their software to create my book. 

Comparing it to my Shutterfly book, I would have to give Paper Kiwi the upper hand.  The cover is thicker, more substantial, the pages seem to be a little thicker to me.

I definitely plan on using their services in the future. 

(Did I mention that their customer service was incredible?)

Love my book!

**My review and opinion of this company and it’s services were compensated with a free 8x8 printed book.  Just sayin’.*


BookwormMom said...

Good to know!

Ally's Corner said...

Got to love great customer service!

Rachael said...

Ha ha ha... I have like four books in the works. Just working on the cover pages.

mandi said...

Yay for you being on top of things! I didn't even get past thinking of an idea for a book. I should have just uploaded my favorite photos and called it good. Free Book! I'm so lame.