Thursday, July 22, 2010

Double duty.

I am loving using all sides of everything lately.

My next theme for decorations is “Sunshine” and I had these blocks to do, but couldn’t leave that other side bare…

sunshine 001 sunshine 002

So I hashed it out, and “Thankful”, was what fit perfectly!

thankful thankfultoo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sew easy!

I know..  been said before, but hey, I am not trying to coin the phrase, just re-cycling it.

It just is too easy..  and too cute.

I found this tutorial a while ago and had to make it.  (I will be making more.)  I just needed to find some time.

The only thing harder than sewing this darling reversible summer top was getting the model to, well, model.

While I bribed (and threatened I must admit), our dinner of hot dogs on the grill, cooked to a very inedible state. 

(Thank heavens that hot dogs come in a never-ending supply.)

But the top sure is cute!

(And the hot dogs were a good enough sacrifice for the cute pics I did manage to get..)

shirt1 shirt2 shirt3

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Call me crazy..

But I am slightly excited for fall.
I know..  I know..  it’s still summertime, an I do not wish it away or wish for it to go by any faster than it already is, but Halloween is one of my favorites, and crafting for it is heavenly.
So I was excited to have these come together..  they have been sitting around since last fall…
I used a scrap wood post that has been sitting outside, getting nicely weathered and worn, mod podge, scrapbook paper, sand paper, the remnant of a white curtain rod from the girls room cut and then painted chocolate brown and then moss green and sanded, oh, and love.
pumpkins2 pumpkins3 pumpkins4
And when you turn them around, they are all ready for Thanksgiving and fall fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July crafts.

I was working away, trying to get my July crafts finished before July began, and well, I succeeded in at least getting them finished before the fourth.

What can I say…

july1 july2