Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Happy Little Things.

This has to be my favorite project yet for MPS.

(Although the top secret project was a blast..)

I made this book with my own two hands (and my printer..  and Photoshop..  and my trimmer, and glue..  etc. etc.)  but isn’t it cool?!  Just paper and other stuff..  and I made it!!

(With help and instructions..)

I am just in love with it.

I learned somethings though:

I have more than 10 things that make me happy.

Like, WAY more.

And they aren’t little, not in the least.

I also learned that the colors that I did this book in, make me very happy and make me feel very creative.

(Maybe that is why my room is in these colors?)

So indulge me for just a minute…  okay?

Good..  scroll on!

10happythings   10happythings_cover_detail1

Paper yo-yos!!  How can one NOT be happy with a paper yo-yo?

10happythings_cover_detail2 10happythings_cover_detail310happythings_110happythings_1_detail110happythings_1_detail210happythings_2 10happythings_2_detail110happythings_2_detail210happythings_310happythings_3_detail110happythings_410happythings_4_detail110happythings_4_detail210happythings_510happythings_5_detail110happythings_back10happythings_back_detail

So are you resolved to take this class next time around?

I mean, c’mon?!

Supply list:

Papers from Crystal Wilkerson

“Sweet Summertime”


“Funky Fresh”

The glitter papers used as the sticker bases are from “Bristtish Designs”.

(Some papers have been re-colored to stay within the set color scheme.)

Font: Pea Matt & Kari

Other junk this book wouldn’t be possible without:

Staples, sticky jewels, dimensional foam adhesive, Tombow Multi adhesive (that I would marry if I could, go buy some, it is that AWESOME!), ribbon, “Electric Blue” Glimmer Mist, “Chandelier” Glimmer-Glam, “Broken China” and “Fired Brick” distress inks, tissue paper, my good old printer and computer combo, punches, trimmer, and scissors.


Rachael said...

I saw the pictures on the website but they didn't do the book justice. Then I wondered why you hadn't posted it yet, when I looked and it wasn't on your blog (yet).

Top Secret totally explains that.

I love the colors!!!
The book is darling!!!

I am going to have to come see it in person some time.

Ally's Corner said...

That is so pretty, WOW!

Monica Lifferth said...

Mindy! You rocked it girl! Seriously, gorgeous. Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm featuring you on our blog. I just love your creations and wanted to share. :)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love this! You are so creative! :)

Julie said...

Love the book! You did such a great job, as usual.