Monday, February 28, 2011

More in Store Monday.

Just a smattering of the new goodies available today at Jessica Sprague.

First up, “Essential Masks v. 3” from Carina Gardner.


Other credits for this page:

Papers & accents:  Carina Gardner “Affection: Mega Kit”.

Font: Antipasto.

New from Splendid Fiins:

“Think Spring Borders”


Other Credits for this page:

Paper: “Brilliants” Splendid Fiins.

Staple: Crystal Wilkerson

Photo Frame: Brush from Deviantart.

Font: Firefly Castle.

(I just discovered some awesome staples, and other office supply essentials of Splendid Fiins here.  Love these!)

ITM_mindypitcher copy

This layout features products entirely from “In The Making Design”.

“Moments” papers and elements.

Template: “It’s a Start – Templates 2”.

quite excited to get started on my new class this week too.  I got my kit in the mail this last week..

february 001

Look at how fun!

All tied up with that darling welcome tag..  all of that fun stuff!  Who wouldn’t be excited?

Did you sign up for Mouse, Paper, Scissors?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is this?!


I thought this was extinct in my life.


A traditional, paper goods, and glue, and scissors, and punches, layout.


There’s just something about touching all of these little, wonderful things..

february 067

Actually writing!

february 066

The physicality of it is just fun.

february 069

I’ve missed it for sure.

(I absolutely LOVE digital, don’t mistake me.)

But this feels good.

I had to make my craft room more of just that.  It has been more of a sewing room lately.

That, and looking at all the goods I have stashed away in there, I have to use them.  Have to.

(Although I think it’s safe to say, if there were a natural disaster of sorts, or another depression, I would be set with all things that are needed to craft.)

(It’s that bad people.)

(Or maybe good?)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Freebie Friday!

I almost forgot!!

(Okay, I totally forgot..)

There is a wonderful FREEBIE from Splendid Fiins.

Remember, it is only free until Sunday..

(So go get it!!)


youanddad_sf_mindypitcher copy


Papers & Elements:

Splendid Fiins (FREEBIE!!)


Splendid Fiins



Splendid Fiins

This is one designer that I just eat up everything she creates.


Not to mention she pretty much coined the word “wonky” and I love it!

Some of my well-used (i.e. used over and over and over again..) favs:

- Messy stitching

- Feedsack elements 1 & elements 2

- Brilliant Solid papers

Today is her day to shine at Jessica Sprague.  Go read some fun facts about her, and while you are at it, go and peruse her store, get anything (or everything) you want at 25% off!

(Sale ends Sunday at midnight.)

See all the good things she does?

love you copy silouhette_web spf_thinkspringborderbits_m splendidfiins_love-yoo_QP copy now.. copy_thumb[1]

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strictly for fun.

It is nice to have a reason (motivator) to scrap, but it is even funner to just do it for fun.

My friend Mandi created this template and I couldn’t wait to play with it.

MM_template39_love_love_mindypitcher copy

I am learning a few things about myself as I scrap..

1- Music really influences the choices I make as far as style is concerned.  (That should be a no brainer.)  The pink was added in as the music I was listening to became a bit more gentle.

2- Scrapbooking pictures of Peyton is difficult for a plethora of reasons.  Besides the obvious (baby hungry, will be forever!!), I can see flaws in the way I was taking pictures before.  (Thanks education.)  Not to mention the quality.  The quality of the cameras I was using is not quite the quality of what I use now.  (Darn those megapixles!)  Some pictures are more pixilated than others, I can tell I was zooming way in.

3- I get to know my stash so much better when I am not focusing on must one designer.  It’s quite fun to hunt for the perfect elements for a page, from all over my hard-drive. 

4- I also know I need to get better organized.

5- I also want more “stuff” to play with.  But when don’t I? ;)



- Cream, Charcoal, and Mustard papers: Splendid Fiins.

- Pink: Jessica Sprague


- Kitschy Digitals


- Small grey, white and yellow (I did change the hue & saturation on this one a bit): Kitschy Digitals

- Large grey button: Queen of Quirk

Fabric Flower:

- Kitschy Digitals


- Splendid Fiins


- Crystal Wilkerson


- Carina Gardner


- Queen of Quirk


- Firefly Castle from Kevin & Amanda

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine’s Revisited.

As I began taking down my Valentine’s decorations, I realized that I never posted the fun stuff that we did here this year for the (card company/candy maker)holiday.

I planned on changing up the decorations last year, but never quite got around to making all the things I wanted to.

I bought paper at Heartland, that had me singing Beatles songs.  The name of the line “Love me do”, something that Merrill says all the time, especially when he is tired/worn down.

I love the colors.  So non-traditional.

And then there’s that turqois-ey/teal-ey color I so love…

v-day1 v-day2 v-day3

Call me crazy, but I would really love to paint a piece of furniture in this color.

A friend and I had a cookie making day..  we made lots of them.


We even got more artsy than usual with the decorating.



Another addition this year was this banner.  Inspired by the same paper line and color scheme.  I dreamed about it at night.


All about the details… 

v-day17 v-day15v-day16

But I knew it needed something more.. 

Tissue paper balls.

(And some other things that I never got to, but I probably would have if I just knew when to stop!!)

These are so fun to make!

(Now I know that I am not the first, and I am also aware that they have been around for a while now, but c’mon..  in these colors?  I had to share..)

I also learned a few tricks that make the whole process a lot easier.

(Those will come in another post, perhaps?)

But a tip for now: Target has the funnest colors right now..  the turquoise is in, and the “wish” color of blue (light blueish-greenish) is in the baby gift wrapping area along with the yellow.


Last but not least, and one of my favorite parts of our day were these bottles:


I got all excited watching History channel’s program on soda, they showed Jones soda company.  Did you know that you can go to their website and order their soda in bottles with YOUR picture on the label?!

Isn’t that so cool?

I thought so…  until I saw the attached price tag.

Pair that with the idea of my kiddos getting a 6 pack a piece, thinking that they need to drink it all that night, then the sugar high that would follow…  I so don’t need that.

So I did it my way.  I changed it up a bit, not being able to find the clear bottles with the fun red soda..  (sniff) so I kept the colors simple.

I went and bought my own little 4-pack of rootbeer, and printed off my own labels, using double-stick tape to hold it all together.

The girls loved them.

You can too!  Here’s the PSD template so you can make your own.  Just clip down the picture(s) you want to use (Control G my friends..  Control G..), print off on regular copy paper and stick away!

I am thinking of doing another version of these, making my custom nutrition label or something fun like that. 

With a little adjusting of the text, I think they would be a blast for a shower (be it baby or bridal) or a birthday party.

P.S. The font I used is “You Are Loved” form

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet girly stuff.

You know that is what I am so all about.  Been that way for years!!

So it should come as no shock that the name of a product line would grab me and hold onto me like a child who is being chased and teased incessantly by their older sister (can you tell what my weekend has been like?).

Let me introduce you to Echo Park’s “Little Girl” line:

3 copy

Dreamy, and perfect, and oh, so girly!!

Look for this line, new to Jessica Sprague today.




Friday, February 18, 2011

Another designer, another freebie!

I have been MIA, I know, I know.  But have you ever had the devil in your ear, telling you, like ALL the time that you totally suck?!

Welp, I have.

I finally knocked him off my shoulder.

Happy days! 

So at Jessica Sprague there is another designer spotlight!  They are so fun..

This week is Jan of “Queen of Quirk”.  I LOVE her style, adore her overlays especially.  She is just fun, and I love the quirk!

Head on over to Digi Lovely for a freebie (!!) from the Queen herself.

Some of Jan’s gorgeous stuff:

reindeer games

day2 copy_thumb[1]

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It’s not easy.

ITM_Calendar_template copy

Look at this girl!

Where has the time gone?

It isn’t the easiest thing, scrapbooking the pictures from these days.  I miss them.  I am happy to be where I am, don’t get me wrong, life is great!  I just miss my babies.  I get quite homesick for them.

This layout documents some of the happenings in the first little while of Peyton’s life.

And now she’s three!


Template: In The Making Design

Papers: In The Making Design Indulgence Paper Pack

Stitching: Splendid Fiins Messy Stitching v.1 

Font: Thinking of you.

Friday, February 4, 2011

In the mood.

For Valentine’s Day..  I know, it really is about time.

But there are so many love-worthy things out there right now!

Today you can go to Jessica Sprague and get to know Danielle of Kitschy Digitals.  She is a doll!  Her store is also 25% off until Sunday.

Her vintage photo frames are a go-to item for me.

Just a sampling of her darling stuff:

100 books Daisy Jane gorgeous girl copy[3]

P.S.  There’s a Kitschy Freebie here!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A mish-mosh.

This is the beginning of what I am going to call, a “mish-mosh” post. 

It is going to be completely random, but wonderfully random.

Let the randomness begin!!

Last week (which means that I am a week overdue for posting this..) my dear friend Tiffany, sent me a fun package. 

(To tell you the truth, I think she is trying to make up for the time in second grade, when she wouldn’t pack me in her suitcase so I could stow-away on her family trip to Hawaii.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell her I’m onto it.)

(Wink, Wink.)

I was thankful for the mid-winter pick-me-up, not to mention the new-found motivation to bake something!!  Bake anything!!

Wouldn’t these inspire YOU to bake?

jan 11 060

But that is not all…

Oh no, because it never is all for me…

I was tickled to read the small print on her tag:

“Thank you for supporting handmade!”

jan 11 062 copy

Loved it..

(Thanks again Tiffany!! xo)

My family was thankful for the cupcakes that these darling hot pads undoubtedly inspired.

inspired hotpads

(See..  you want some of those hot pads too, so you will have the sudden desire to make cupcakes..  am I right?  Or am I sooo right?)

The problem was (or shall I say IS), Peyton (bless her heart) loves these darling hot pads as well.  Forget the obviously “trying to be” hot pads that came with her toy pot and pan set this Christmas…  these are the real deal, and they are cute, face it!

(Have I mentioned how cute they are yet?!")

As soon as I finished with my little photo shoot with the darling hot pads, I set them aside while I mixed my cupcake batter.  I popped them into the oven hoping they might bake just a little faster than usual just so I could use the hot pads sooner.

Peyton had fun during the waiting period though.  She was baking a concoction of her own in her little kitchen, enjoying those darling hot pads.  When she got side tracked, I immediately retrieved my sweet hot pads, and returned them, lovingly, to their new home in my kitchen.  Then I proceeded to wait…

That was the most painfully painful 25 minute wait.

As the kitchen timer went off, the hot pads were nowhere to be found!  (Again.)

It was quite tragic that I had to resort to using the ugly “old” hot pads of mine, they were totally fine the day before, but now..  they weren’t so good.

As soon as those cupcakes were safely out of the oven, in a safe, cool place where they wouldn’t overcook and get all dry, I set out about finding those darling hot pads.

You’ll never guess where I found them..

Under Peyton’s pillow.

It’s a good thing there are two of them. ;)

Speaking of good things…  my friend Em is hosting an auction with some pretty sweet stuff on her blog this week.

Em had her son early and he just couldn’t stay here with us.  All funds raised will go directly to the March of Dimes.

We have all benefitted from this organization, let’s help support her team!

And the last random thing I can pull out of the air today would be that it is “Template Tuesday” at Digi Lovely.

Make sure you read all the great things that can happen to you when you download this FREE template, create with it, and share on Jessica Sprague.  I mean, really, great things.

Oh, P and S…  I am pretty sure the randomness just ended.

Post edit of epic proportions!!

I nearly forgot..

Okay, so I totally forgot.

Go to my friend Tiffany’s Etsy store and check out what other darling goodies she makes.

Support handmade!!!