Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been dreading this part of the year (aka, the beginning..) and the evaluation that comes with it.
I look back on last year, and all of those fabulous goals that I set at the beginning of it, and think, no, I KNOW that I was crazy, or under the influence of something, like too much sugar.
I set a goal that I would scrap 144+.
The + being the traditional layout I would do for every digital layout scrapped.
(Does anyone else hear the sound of failure?)
Ready for this last year’s tally?
No drum roll required….  really, don’t get excited, DON’T.
I didn’t even bother to count how many were traditional or how many of those are digital.
Why bother?
I think we all know that the majority are digi anyway.
So this year, I am setting realistic goals.  Goals such as: “Eat a piece (or two) of chocolate and/or candy everyday.”
See, I can do that!  Set a goal to not, and I might last one week, might.
So in the way of scrapping, I am setting a goal to get Peyton’s first year completed.  I got to two weeks (I think) and she will be three next month..
It would be a lot easier to scrap those pix if I didn’t cry every time I busted them out…  watery substance and scrapbook paper do not play well together.
I would also like to get the family pix scrapped from when I was preggers  with her… 
Other than that, I am not putting a number to anything, just to get to a certain point in my scrapping. 
Other goals (maybe) and some more de-junking and house-cleaning as far as blogging goes will soon follow…  I just need to find the motivation.
Changes are to come!


mandi said...

I am still chuckling. You're hilarious. I had an epiphany while reading your lament. I should make a goal to eat... what was it, two?... pieces of chocolate or candy everyday. Then when I fail to follow through on my goal [as I always seem to do] it will be worth cheering for. I think it's brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration.

Jocelyn said...

LOL! I totally love your goal of eating a chocolate a that is one I could actually do!!! Good luck with scrapping your littlest album! My goal is just to get back to scrapping this year...I have been busy with too many other crafts and now it is time to get caught up. Yikes I am almost 2 years behind.

Rachael said...

Hey, If I wait until Next month to scrapbook, I will officially be one year behind. I checked, the last time I scrapbooked was our Family Vaca at the end of Feb.

anniebobannie said...

I agree! I didn't set any goals I didn't think I could attain! Mine are: enjoy life, play more, eat healthy, be more active, love everyone (at least try to find something positive to think about them)! I love my Mindy and I LOVE when you post ANYTHING!

BookwormMom said...

Considering I got much less done than 76, I applaud your effort to get more than halfway to that (astsronomical) goal!!!
(plus, it's a LOT more than I got accommplished in the scrapbooking world)
I'm definitely going to be taking your digital example this year...and calling you for advice!