Friday, September 18, 2009

Long time coming..

I took Peyton's name sign down when the room re-do began, and knew what would be going on it..
For the other girls' signs, it has their first name, and nickname layered over the top in vinyl lettering.
Well, Peyton's nickname has been around for a while, so I knew that was going on there, it just took me a while to get it all put together..

White lettering is in the Cuttin' Up font in the serif option, and the pink is in the hello kitty font.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So here's the start to my new adventure, a new way of life..
Here, you should find only the scrapbooking (both traditional and digital) end of my creativeness.. I guess cards will be included, they are the same medium. ;)
If you were a follower at the "old" scrapbooking etc., don't be shy and be a follower here too!
I will make it worth your while.... :)
(Watch for details of a followers only give away soon!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love my scroll saw..

I always have..
He and I have just lost touch.
The last time I used it, it was honestly 2 years ago.. we were finishing our floors. There was some small detail work that needed to be cut on one of the trim pieces, and it was used then.
I used it much more often back in the days before three children became my life..
I have had a couple of projects lined up that required it's assistance, and I finally dusted it off, and got to work.
It also helps that my mouse needs little to no attention now. :)

For Peyton's room, I wanted to replicate the tulips that are on her flat sheet and pillow case.. I will forever be thankful to all the tricks I learned from my ex-boyfriend's (okay.. fiance..) mom who was a crafter..
Tracing is not the fastest method to this madness..
Cutting, I learned tips for that step too..
And painting..
It was my job for a while..
I think they turned out cute.

I also loved the long-grain rice that found a home holding them up, perfectly in the flower pot.
This lamp was a purchase when I was preggers with Lynn (#1).
I loved it then, it matched the nursery colors and theme so well! I just couldn't toss it into the DI box, I re-purposed it.
DI-d the dusty blue shade and replaced it with a new pink one from Target, and took the yellow star pull off the beaded chain, and put on one of the tulips that I cut while cutting the others.

For tomorrow: "The Butterfly" project..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For the Boys...

I have been messing around still with making my own digi elements..
Thought I would do one for the boys. ;)
Not that I have any, or even know how to work one..
These are just part of a kit, hopefully coming soon.
You can download here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

One more down..

One more item on my "to do" list is done!!
Peyton's "quilt" which is now a duvet cover, is FINALLY done.

I had to re-work it, and re-work it again, into something that would work, and fit my vision.. I am more than happy with it, and she is too. :)
I think I am going to have to tally how many feet of stitching that is....

I am happy to say that there are more projects in store for her little room.
I also managed to scrap a couple of pages as well with my two hands and new paper trimmer.

Using the good, old fashioned scrap stuff is good for the soul.

Love these stickers I bought a while ago from Making Memories.
I am off to crochet a little on a hat for this project..
Will you be joining us?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am getting there..

I should have a Chicago song playing right now..
"You're My Inspiration"..
Ally is that to me today, thanks girl!!
She is awesome, getting so much done with all of her fun finds..
I have had this project waiting around for a LONG time now.

I finally got around to it.. not that I have been doing things that I would rather be doing, just what needs to be done. Now my house is PERFECT and I can play!!
So here it is:

This is a nightstand, that if I am correct, my mom got when she was 16. My older brothers both used it while living at home, then I got it, loved it, painted it, re-painted it, then re-painted it again and now, have re-finished it, again. (I forgot about some of those layers of paint hiding in there.. until I scraped it all off, of course.)

I love spray paint!!
Oh, and Mod Podge.. :)
I scraped, sanded, patched, and sanded again, then painted it. I used double stick tape to help adhere the hot pink fabric on the inlay, cut that with my rotary cutter and exacto knife for the corners, then mod-podged it down, and coated the top a couple of times.
I basically did the same for the drawer front, and drilled holes for the new handle.

For the back on the inside, I wanted it to have a pop of color, so I cut some fabric, 3 times longer than the width of the back, and four inches taller than the height on the back inside. I pressed it an inch and 3/4 on both of my long sides and did straight stitch on the largest setting my machine has, and then gathered it to the desired length. Hot glue and bam!
Isn't it cute?!

It now lives in Peyton's room.. still waiting for the matching duvet (the quilt is now going to be a duvet.. long story) but has an equally, if not cuter one that my Grandma made for her and sent from Michigan last week.. I love those "Sun Bonnet Sues".. she has made one for each of the great-grandchildren.
It is in my blood I tell ya.
I still have more projects in the works for her room.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A good cause..

My sister-in-law has been dreaming for a LONG time about doing whatever is in her power and ability to help the children and babies at Primary Childrens Medical Center (PCMC). Her son and my nephew was born with some heart problems and the amazing staff there were able to help him. He is a major inspiration for my wanting to be involved in this, not to mention the other miracles PCMC has blessed the lives in our family with.
Her dream is being realized and I am excited to be a long for the ride.
The details of her project and plan are here.
I hope we can really get this moving, help out the smallest among us.
So, grab a button, and join in!