Friday, November 28, 2008

A give away a... week?...

Trying to get in the mood of the season... as we were putting-up the tree yesterday, I stopped and said to Mer, "Didn't we just do this?" Time goes by so much faster now! I feel like just maybe, if there were some snow, I'd feel more jolly in spirit...
So I am doing whatever it takes to get into the spirit...
How about a give away.. or two!
Rules are the same as always, leave a comment with a favorite memory (there will be more Christmas-ey give aways, so be thinking of those favorite holiday things!), advertisement on your blog and participants from your blog get you bonus entries!

#1: A toddler (it fits Lynn and Ash...) pillowcase dress with jingle socks and bows....

#2: An infant pillowcase dress with curly jingle bows and jingle socks.
Make sure you specify which one you are interested in!
Thanks to Darlene for donating socks and bells so I could finish them with my mad crochet skills ;) and Christie for showing me her secrets to an awesome bow!
Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Mom made these cuties yesterday with the girls...
Rice crispy treat bodies, feet and feathers are the fudge striped cookies, corn candies, M&M's and chocolate frosting for the glue..
So simple (hello, Ashley and Lynn did them...), so yummy (um.. Ash ate hers on the way home...), and so cute (see the above pic?!)!


Funny how things work out... I have had the desire and stuff to make this "Word Girl" cape for Ashley for Christmas, and wouldn't you know it, there was a request for tips on cape making!

Blogger Aartee said...
So cute! I want to do capes for my nephews for Christmas but have never actually used a sewing machine and always stick to smaller sewing projects....can you help????
Me and my helpful model, Lynn, here, will certainly try! (She was so great, she knows how to keep a secret!)

First, take measurements. How long do you want it to be? If you want to do the option I have pictured, measure the chest across too. Or you can opt for ties to tie it around the neck or even velcro. I also measured her shoulders, across her back, where the top of this cape is designed to lie.
I wanted Ashley's cape to be about 20 inches long, so I cut it at 21 inches to allow for seams.
The width at the top I cut at 12.
Hopefully you can see in the pic, the lines where I drew to cut. I bought a yard of fabric, folded it in half again, and I cut it on the fold. 4 layers cut on the fold = 2 layers for the cape.
I assembled the chest piece first, using one of her shirts as a guide, making sure my measurements fit in. I sewed around all the edges, leaving a little gap to turn it right side out. Then I pressed it, top-stitched the edges, and added my "Word Girl" symbol. I did the same thing with the cape.
I used Lynn as my fitting guide to see where the right side of the chest piece should lie on the cape when on the body (laying it flat, pinning it, and sewing it in place, would result in too small an arm hole...) and sewed just the right side of the chest piece to the cape.
I added velcro tabs to the left side of the chest piece and cape to make it all stay on.
There you have it...
My secret is intact!
"Word Up!"

Monday, November 17, 2008

My skirt...

I have had a skirt pattern for a few months now... the fabric, a little summer-y, but a couple of weeks ago, I found this fabric at Jo-Ann's. It is perfect for fall! I kept putting it on the back-burner, getting other projects done... Christie said she wanted to see me in it Sunday... so Saturday, I got to it.
The pattern, I forgot, runs small... so I bought one for sizes 6, 8, 10, & 12, thinking, I wouldn't be larger than a 12!?
Um... according to the measurement chart, I am between a 16 and an 18...
Bag the pattern.
I busted-out one of my favorite fitting skirts, and made my own pattern.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Memory Blocks...

This was featured on Good Things Utah, about four years ago. Rusty Pickle did the demonstration and I love doing these! They make such fun, personalized, and inexpensive gifts.

Here's what you need:
a wood block (deck posts are great for this, they'll even cut them for you at Lowe's!), some companies, Making Memories is one that I know of, sell them.
pictures (printed professionally, i.e. Wal-Mart, Costoco, etc. If you print them using your ink-jet printer at home, the ink usually runs when you top coat them.)
paper and/or paint
StazOn ink
Scissors, decorative edge scissors are fun too (see my scalloped circle at the bottom..)
paper trimmer
Modge Podge (They used PVA bookbinding adhesive, more $$$ but Modge Podge works just as well... I tried 2 blocks, one each way.)
foam brush
emery board or sanding block
Judikins Diamond Glaze (optional, but my favorite!)
Or you can digitally compose the bottom layer (pics, paper, rub-ons, embellishments, etc..) and just move right along with your bad self! My friend Jenny did this, and it was awesome! This also helps cut out the bulk and 3-d-edness of traditional embellishments, makes them flat.

The first step would be to get that block sanded so it's smooth, especially on the edges. The sides really don't matter, since they will be covered.
Next either paint or adhere papers, or both! You do this by tracing the side of the block to be covered, cutting it out, and adhering it down with the Modge Podge, be generous! Smooth out any lumps or wrinkles before it dries! Or paint. Up, down, side to side... however you prefer. Once all sides are covered or painted, and dry, sand the edges down. This ensures that you have no straggly paper edges hanging out where you don't want them later. I also like to ink the edges of the block, sand again, and sometimes re-ink to make it have that aged appearance.
Usually, while the above step is in the drying process, I prep my pictures. I cut them down to the size I want, sometimes ink the edges of the pictures so they pop, mount them on papers, put rub-ons on them, you know...
After you've gotten your base to be the way you want it, then get those pictures on. This step uses the Modge Podge too. Be generous!
You can layer on word strips and any other embellishments over your pictures too. After they are dry, I like to stamp on them directly. That's where the StazOn comes in, it won't run or bleed.
Once you have all pictures and embellishment on and the Modge Podge is dry, top coat your whole block, one side at a time, to seal it all in. You can also use the Diamond Glaze, it has a harder finish, cleans up really well with Windex (cause you know everyone will leave their fingerprints picking up this baby and admiring it!) but does cost more than Modge Podge. The Modge Podge works just as well, just not as hard of finish. Let it dry, and re-coat if needed.
This is Peyton's block, I took the picture before I top-coated it, so there wouldn't be a cube-shaped glare, and you could actually see what's on the block :)

Much love and credit goes to Brookers for taking such sweet pics... thanks Brooke!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I actually scrapped today.
Even though I had a million and one things to do today, I needed to do this for ME... wasn't as easy or as fast as it should have been with a crummy-feeling Pey helping out.. but oh-well. I got to scrap!
I am hunting for a copy of Photoshop Elements (hopefully), on eBay. Thanks to the November issue of CK, I now know how to scan in a 12x12 layout with my scanner, which is not 12x12, so I don't have to take pics, and have it look crummy... if you have experience, let me know what to look for, which is most user-friendly... I'd sure appreciate it!
Tomorrow, photo blocks...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pillow Case Dresses...

There are some who are interested, and I will personally teach (I taught two yesterday...) how to make a darling Pillow Case Dress. But here are the instructions for those who like to self-teach.
I am not taking credit for this much loved, often used pattern/idea, just sharing the tips I found useful...
45 inch wide fabric; the yardage depends on how long you want it to be. I suggest measuring the intended wearer, from shoulder to where you want it to fall, and add 2 inches (or more if you want to lengthen later, or plan on doing a wide hem) . Make sure that your print will look good the way it will be cut off the bolt. You don't want a print with a cute scalloped edge cut incorrectly, so the scallop ends up on the side of your dress, or vertical stripes end up horizontal stripes... in that case, you would want a yard and a third. Peyton's dress I cut at 16 inches.
thread to match your fabric
trim(s), 1 1/3 yards (trim is always optional :)...)
ribbon, I would suggest at least 2 yards
bias tape, at least 1/2 inch wide, but I prefer to make my own, it's easier to work with
Or you can use a pillow case, cutting off the top, sealed edge... and you can skip to step 4.

sewing machine
scissors (a rotary cutter and mat are very helpful too.)
straight pins
device with which to measure...

Here goes!

Step 1: Cut the selvage off the side of your fabric. Measure and cut your fabric to fit you darling girl. Do an overcast stitch along all four sides of your fabric. You don't have to do this step, but I prefer to, as I am a perfectionist, and Grandma would do it that way... I also hate it when a project unravels when it is washed because the raw edges are exposed... I wished I would have done an overcast stitch on Lynn's Halloween costume...
Step 2: If you are attaching trim, as in a ruffle, pin it and sew it now. If you are hemming it, pin it and sew it now. If you are attaching any other kind of trim, pin it and sew it now. Trust me. I learned the hard way...
Sew it...
Step 3: After you have sewed and hemmed, sew the sides, which ever two sides that don't have trim or aren't hemmed, right sides together. I use my presser foot as my classic guide, I don't really measure seams... I just used the edge of my presser foot.
While it is still inside out, press open the seam that you just sewed.
Step 4: Turn the dress-to-be right side out, make sure that the seam you just pressed, is in the center and back. Cut a "J" shaped arm hole (should measure 5 inches, from top of "J" to the bottom) on the folds of the fabric, this should make a "U" shaped cut piece. I like to save these, sometimes I use them to make pockets :). Overcast stitch on those fresh cut areas, if you'd like.
Step 5: Now is the time to make bias tape, if you wish or to attach your pre-made bias tape.
I like to make mine by cutting a strip of fabric 12 inches (for this project) by 2 inches. I press it, not quite in half, so there is just a little lip on one side.
Step 6: Pin the right side of the bias tape to the wrong side of the arm hole. This picture shows double fold bias tape, that works too. That kind just sandwiches the fabric between the two folds of the bias tape. If using double fold, you need not follow the next step.
Step 7: Flip the bias tape over to the right side of the fabric, press and pin..
Step 8: Sew with a straight stitch, to attach the bias tape to the top side of your fabric. You want to sew as close to the edge as you can.
Step 9: At the top of the dress, fold down a quarter of an inch, and press.
Turn down an additional inch, press and pin.
Step 10: Straight stitch again, as close to the edge so you catch both folds, all along to make a pocket for your ties. (Repeat for the other side.)
Step 11: Cut your ribbon, and seal the edges so it won't fray... cut it so it extends about six inches past the top of each arm.Step 12: I like to use Grandma's crow hook, but you can use what ever works best for you, to feed your ribbon through the little sleeves. Make sure they are pulled evenly so there is equal amounts of ribbon on both sides.
Step 13: Tack your ribbon ties, and both layers of fabric with a quick "x" stitch. Tie it in a square knot. This helps so your ribbons won't come out in the wash, and when you ties it on you cutie, one side's bow won't be obviously larger than the other side's...
Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

And the winner is...

Thanks to, my new favorite place to go when I need some random pickin' done...
I'll get it to you soon!
Thanks for all of your "soupy" comments, it happens to be my favorite too, especially with a warm roll or yummy bread...
Keep watching! A new give away will come again soon.. you know I love them!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pillowcase Dress...

Got a bigger pillowcase dress done for Peyton... the last one was more like a shirt.
I also took pictures of the process... just in case. I'll post them later with directions. I have a few key details that I NEED to remember! I made her a new bow to match too...
Love sewing...
We sluffed our Stake meeting tonight for a wedding reception. We probably could have made both if the city of Perry believed in well placed and well lit street signs... it took us a lot longer than planned to get there.
We stopped by the Harrisville Wal-Mart on the way home, and look what I found...
Aaahhhhh! (Angelic/Heavenly sounds accompany this..)
So I don't end up in the same predicament, I bought two... just in case.

Raggy Blankets...

I finally got these done...
I so want to keep one!
The most daunting part of it all: snipping all of those edges... so I did it while Merrill and I caught up on Shield episodes... yeah, I know...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Advent Calendar...

Here's the supply list for those who are interested...
A BIG thanks to the cute lady who thought this one up and posted it on Making Memories Blog last year...

11x17 cookie sheet (other sizes work well too..), the shinier the better, make sure it's not teflon coated, or test a magnet on it
2 12x12 scrapbook papers, pattern is fun!
coordinating papers for your lettering and number 25
calendar grid (I can e-mail this to you... just leave your e-mail address.)
rick-rack or other trim to cover paper seams (about 24 inches)
a 15 inch piece of wire, or you can use ribbon for the hanger part
25 magnets
25 pieces to mark your days
E-3600 craft glue is my fav, but your fav will work too
Fabric Tac glue, a small bottle will be enough
Automotive primer (with the, gray lid, will say automotive primer in white...)
Spray paint, I like satin finish the best

Other helpful supplies:

Drill (to drill holes in your cookie sheet for the hanger)
paper trimmer
corner rounder, or just use scissors
wire cutters
Sizzix or Cricut (You can also use your home computer to print off text, mirrored so it's backwards, onto the wrong side of your paper, and cut it out by hand, or use stickers or rub-ons for your text...)

*Drill your cookie sheet before you do anything!* If you paint it before you drill, it will chip the paint. After holes are drilled, paint it, bottom, or back, side first, with the primer. Get at least two good coats on it, letting it dry well between coats. Turn it over and get a good coat of primer all over, the second coat need only be on the edges, the center will be covered with paper, but needs some primer to help adhere the paper. (I did have a couple of friends who just left it silver, didn't prime or paint, and it still worked out just as well.) Paint it with your choice of spray paint. Follow the same order as priming, bottom or back of cookie sheet, then top.
After it's all dry, you can choose to sand the edges if that's the look you want, or you can leave it.
Trim your papers to fit the bed of the cookie sheet. The top and bottom strips should measure 2 1/2 inches high. The center piece remains 12 inches. Glue down the top and bottom strips first, using the Fabric Tac. Glue down the center piece last to ensure it is centered. Cut rick-rack or ribbon to fit, and glue down, with the Fabric Tac to cover the seams of the papers.
Cut your letters, unless you are using another method.
With the Cricut, I cut "The Days of" in 1 inch height. I cut "Christmas" in 1 1/2 inch height and the number 25 in 2 inch height. Glue down your letters, number, and calendar grid. (I prefer using my Xyron for this, but the Fabric Tac would work well on this too.)
One of the last steps is to get your pieces together and get them numbered and magnets on them! I use the E3600 glue to attach the magnets. You can either go for a collected look (pictured above), where you pretty much raid your scrapbook supply or find trinkets on clearance, and use those as your daily markers. I did a more uniform look, punching out circles of my patterned papers after I printed my numbers on them, and then stuck on a page pebble to add dimension and protection. Feed your wire through the two holes on the cookie sheet, from the back, leaving tails on the front to wrap around the handle. Tie ribbon to the handle.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's the weather...

Whenever it starts to get cold like this, I hunker-down with a bunch of cozy projects...
I am almost done with Kimmy's pink hat... I am hunting down more of the knit-crosheen. You think it wouldn't be a hard find.. oh boy... I will be starting the green one soon.
I have 3 rag blankets... 2 to cut the edges on still. All little boy ones :( I want to save one, put it with all the cute little boy clothes I still have in the cedar chest.. waiting... Mer said that was crazy. I'll have to post pics when they are done, raggy and cute!
I also made a new wreath:(I so want to paint my door BLACK...)
And just cause I liked the text, a give away:
Leave a comment.. favorite thing to have for supper in the fall.. I'll draw a winner at random by the end of the week!