Monday, November 1, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Not just because of our lovely (yet typical) Utah weather!!
No, it is this darned designer I am working with at Jessica Sprague!
She has me seeing Christmas.
(It is only fitting for our weather though!)
Another yummy creation from Elle’s Studio:
Meet, the Advent Calendar
Cute, fun, stuff!
It is brand new in store today!!
Of course, I embellished the heck out of it..  that’s what I do!
I used glitter and flocking powder this time, but used my Xyron sticker maker instead of wet glue.  Much easier on bigger areas.  I also got to raid my ribbon/fiber drawer to tie these cuties up.  (Using remnant supplies that I can’t bear to throw away is a huge plus.)  Other than that, I used the typical glue dots (both regular and craft) and scissors (large, medium, and small tipped), a hole punch, and rhinestones.
Elle makes it easy and fun for you.  She even includes a list of activities for you to use as ideas for your calendar activities.
We decided on ours, calendared them in, so when that day comes, we know what we are doing, that and we can re-use this again and again and again..
Or you could write or tack on your own activities on the pieces.
(I have to admit that it was more than a little weird working on this, cutting it all out while watching Halloween movies!)


mandi said...

Yes, I did like it!

I didn't know that Elle gave a list of activities to go with her project. That's cool. Can't believe it's almost Christmas. Have you ever done a December Daily with Ali Edwards? Just curious.

Mindy said...

I've never done a December Daily.. I always fear that I will run out of steam or time. I should just jump in and do it!