Friday, November 5, 2010

Cupcake confession.

I have my “go-to” items when I make cupcakes.

Some of them aren’t your traditional baking items, but they work for me!

Thought I would share what has made my life easier when it comes to baking my favorite treats.

**NOTE: I am NOT trying to pass myself off as “the best cupcake maker ever”, nor do I insinuate that I am a “professional” baker, by any means, it is a hobby.  It is something that I enjoy, and unless the people who I share these with are lying, others enjoy the fruits of my labors as well.*

These are staple items that I have in my house at all times.  You never know when you will feel like something sweet to eat, or an activity to do with the kiddos.  Even to take a plate to someone who might need some sweetness in their life!


Powdered sugar, cake mixes (and all necessary ingredients), nut cups, my piping bag, coupler and favorite tip, un-even spatula, and ice cream and cookie dough scoops.

Let’s start with confession #1..


RARELY do I bake a cake or cupcake from scratch.  There are certain recipes that are favorites, but these cake mixes are the best things in my book.  I try to get the butter recipe ones, they are the best and the moistest.  If the flavor I want doesn’t come in a butter recipe, I tweak the recipe to become a butter recipe.  Substitute the 1/3 cup of oil for 1/2 cup of margarine or butter, softened.  Decrease the water to 1 1/4 cups, but keep the eggs the same.  I keep a few of these in food storage, love it when they go on sale!

After you cupcakes (or cake, we like those too!) are done baking, let them cool for ten minutes, cover with foil and freeze for a half hour to an hour.  This traps in the steam and makes for a moister cake.  (I learned this tip from a friend of a friend, best thing ever!)


Another tip I learned from a cooking show (although I can’t remember which one..) is to use an ice cream scoop for getting that batter into your cupcake liner.  It is the perfect amount of batter.  I love using my little ones for my “baby” cupcakes.  Perfect amount every time!


Then there’s the liners.  I prefer to use nut cups.  They have a nice, sturdy construction to them, the also have a slightly  waxy coating to them that makes them pop out so easily.  I buy them at the local craft store for a couple dollars a package.  They are great to line up on one cookie sheet and pop them all into the oven at the same time.  No more rotating muffin tins!

cupcake 9

Then there’s the frosting staples..


Powdered sugar is another food storage item (along with marshmallows now that Veronica shared the joy of homemade marshmallow fondant with me).  Can’t have frosting without this stuff!


My favorite frosting tip of all time is Wilton’s 1M tip.  It is mated with the GIANT coupler, which goes with the GIANT piping bag, but well worth it.  It makes the prettiest piping on top of those cupcakes, makes them more edible, because they look prettier!


Then there’s that GIANT bag.  I use coupons on these bad boys.  40-50% off..  YES, PLEASE!

This guy can hold A LOT of frosting, I mean an obscene amount, but that makes the job that much quicker and easier.

So, there’s my tips..  watch out tomorrow for a new recipe my friend shared on her blog. 

Had to try it..



BookwormMom said...

Last week I made myself master the decorating bag...I'm totally going to look for the giant bags!!

I love using the nut cups, but my family always complains :(

Jamie said...

Thank you for some tips!! I totally suck at making cupcakes, but I love them so I do it all the time... they just don't turn out the best. I love your tips and I really need to master doing the frosting with a bag, that would mean more frosting! Next time you make a batch, you know where I live... I'm just sayin!

Sherri Wright said...

Your cupcakes are always so cute...and delicious! Awesome tips. I totally need to buy a frosting bag! I am so sick of the tiny cheap plastic ones. haha

anniebobannie said...

Now, Now, Don't be modest! You are THE queen of Cupcakes!!!!! You are the best and thanks for sharing your secrets!(Even though I already knew all that from our private lesson)