Monday, November 1, 2010


(Is that even a word?  Well, it is now!)

This year for Halloween, I had two little girls who wanted to be something that was going to stretch the creativity that lives in this house.

Peyton said over and over that she wanted to be “Bo”.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.  At first, I thought she was saying, “Boo” because she had been watching Monsters Inc., but that wasn’t it.

It wasn’t until I put Toy Story 2 on for the bazillionth time that it clicked.

She wanted to be “Bo-Peep”.  In the movie, Woody calls her “Bo”.

I based my sketch of this off of pics of her online, but couldn’t find the exact anything as far as material went.





I made everything totally on my own.

If I had to do it all over again, I would most definitely find a pattern.

(That and a more cooperative model.)

I even made her staff.

(It was impossible to find one of those, let alone a blue one.)

I made her bloomers out of blue flannel (can you say warm?) and also lined the top with it.

She loved it, and she did look cute!

Lynn was having trouble with deciding on something fun to be.  I showed her a book that my mom gave me, one that I used to look through when I was little, dreaming of the day I would be a mom, and she fell in love with the jar of jelly beans.


I knew that if I were going to make this, it was gonna have to be good.  It would also have to be reusable.  So I started off with a sketch.  I was pretty happy with just the sketch!


And here’s the finished product.

jellybean 001

The details are my favorite part!

 jellybean 005

I created labels in Photoshop using Crystal Wilkerson’s Playful Font, and editing that just a bit (I had to erase the centers of the letters “a” and “e”).  I also used her Artisan label templates No. 1 and lobster font on the “Pitcher Brand” label.  I mirrored them, printed them out on iron-on transfer paper, and ironed that onto my fabric.  The “a fat free treat” got cut down into a circle and put through the Xyron and stuck to the vinyl “package”.

jellybean 006 

I even created a “Nutrition Facts” label, and ingredient list in Photoshop for the back.

jellybean 011

jellybean 009 jellybean 010 

For the “jelly beans” letters, I used the same font, “Playful”, and didn’t mirror it, printed it out, ironed it on the wrong side of my fabric, peeled off the backing, then ironed on my heat and bond.  I peeled off the paper backing from that, and then cut out my letters and ironed them on.

  jellybean 008

We spent one evening, watching scary movies and blowing up a bunch of water balloons. 

(Okay, Merrill inflated, I mostly tied.)

It was all worth it!  A fun, unique costume that we can use over and over again!

(She just wished the kids at school hadn’t chased her and popped her “jellybeans”.)


Ally's Corner said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!

BookwormMom said...

We really need to have a photoshop playdate....

I loved their costumes!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

those are seriously the cutest costumes! And i am very partial to homemade costumes..they make Halloween special and unique! :)

Eric and Connie said...

Love them!!!! You make the cutest things, including your girls.

Gilmoregirl said...

Seriously cute! You are one talented lady!

Nicole LeBlanc said...

This is the cutest costume EVER!