Friday, January 8, 2010


They are even traditionally scrapped...
You can count them!

Good news, I am getting caught up...
Better news, I can now do 6 more digital pages. :)
I do wish you could touch this paper..  it is flocked paper by Making Memories..  I saw it over a year ago, bought it, and love it!  I knew I had to use it on a Christmas layout.
The journaling:
this Christmas, the hotel was under construction so our pjs were Best Western themed.  everyone loved them!  brooke & austin were expecting tyler.  it was peyton’s first Christmas!  we were excited for that.  our Christmas was transportation theme it seemed..  lynn got a bike, ash got a scooter, and peyton got a ride on rolling horse.  we enjoyed our new gift, a cocoa maker.  we enjoyed spending the afternoon at mom and dad’s where the girls got another toy and we gave mom a new memory quilt to replace the one that got lost (kind of).  this one featured artwork from the grandkids.


Brooke said...

you have to make a new scrapbooking goal chart for your sidebar :)

Bonnie said...

Ah traditional scrapping. Pure, the real thing.