Monday, January 25, 2010


What to do with all that yarn, you know, just the remnants?
Not enough to make another beanie..
Not enough to make a sock..
Not near enough to make a whole afghan..
No probable scarves here..
You combine them all!
Here’s my afghan so far:
24&25 012
It’s fun working with all these different colors, textures, and sizes of yarn.
It is even more fun remembering what projects they were used on.


Bonnie said...

Mindy! Do you take requests? I would love some crochet hints if you are posting something about crochet again. Like, how do you properly start a new color of yarn? In my crochet class I was showed 2 ways and I am a little confused. I love this afgan you are starting!

Bonnie said...

Oh yeah, thats what it is, how to join yarn when you run out vs how to start a new color in a planned spot...