Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Carina love.

Today is another designer spotlight at Jessica Sprague.

Carina Gardner has me wanting to go and buy more fabric.

(Because she does that too.)

But I have this silly rule…  I can’t buy more fabric until I do what I intend to with the stacks (and stacks and stacks) that I already have.


But once you see here papers, you’ll understand my frustration.

(You’d think it would make for some serious motivation, but then the time element comes in…  can I buy and stack some of that?)

cg_ess Daisy Jane HAUNTED copy Santa's Sleigh

I will attempt to make it easy on you (and to enable a bit), go buy all of her “essentials”.  I love it all.  She even has stitching!! 

(For those who might have a slight addiction like I do.)

Not to mention, her store is 25% off through this Sunday.


And then, there is a freebie here too.

And not to go on and on and on over here, not meaning to take up too much of your day, not to toot my own horn too much, but somebody out there likes me!

Being part of the community at Jessica Sprague has blessed my life with some pretty special friendships, and I treasure every single one of them, but this particular friend has made my day!

(Kisses and hugs and more kisses to you Miss Monica!!!)

P.S. Click on the images for full credits, mmm-kay?


Heather Landry said...

Super fun post! I love Carina's designs and that freebie she is offering... Pure awesomeness! Your layouts are gorgeous as always. My favorite one is the Halloween one!

Julie said...

So cool, Min!