Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New developments.

Just trying to come up with a super-exciting post title, and I have nothing, really.

But I have been doing some fun stuff these past few days!

You have no idea how exciting it is for me to be playing with paper and my sewing machine again..  I’ve been in the mood to sew and I have been buying up fabric when it so strikes my fancy.

I even bought some traditional scrapbooking supplies today!


No store in town (or on the far-lying outskirts) had what I wanted, so I had to order it, which means I have to wait to get it.


Anyway, it will eventually be fun.

So on to some of the latest..

I had one of my famous blonde moments the other day.

I had a cute birthday gift all wrapped up cute like (to match the inside of the box, obviously) ready to give to my friend, and last minute, realized I had no card!!

So I got over the stupidity, got giddy, and had too much fun making a card.


I am however, kicking myself in the bum, repeatedly, for not taking a picture of her gift.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out..

(Kick, kick, kick.)

Then there’s my three “Whos”.


Today was Dr. Suess’ birthday at the girls school.  Lynn’s class was having a read-a-thon in honor of the occasion.  They could bring treats, books, pillows, and blankets to school.  They were also encouraged to wear their pajamas.

So this crazy mom went to a local quilt shop, where I saw Michael Kaufman fabrics in Dr. Suess themes, to buy some up, and make some pajama pants for all three of my girls.

I spaced the shirts, which were brainstormed and visioned to be darling and witty.  But at 1:18 am, with no plain white tees…

I let that go.  That’s right, I said it..  my perfectionist self, let that go.

This weekend, spending most of it with a three year old in my lap who felt lousy most of the time, I decided to occupy my hands and make some rolled fabric rosettes.


They really aren’t that hard, and these will match all of that delicious fabric that I made Peyton’s birthday skirt with.

(More to come on that fabric.  I bought more!!  No, I never ran out, really, but I love it so..  I dream about it.)

And then there’s today.

My dear mom, brought me some of my most favorite treats…

(And this pic isn’t necessarily here to brag to you, rub it in your face, if you will, just how awesome my mommy is, it was just that the light was so delicious in my craft room..)

feb-mar 009ed

Entirely too much fun is being had around here.

I have a banner in the works, not to mention all of my classes.

(Speaking of which, I’m really behind!)

But I guess that just means there will be more great stuff in store to share.


anniebobannie said...

Love it all! I am sure you will have an opportunity in the future to photograph my necklace! (which by the way I recieved many compliments today on it!)

Rachael said...

Looks like lots of fun stuff.

I really like.

I may have to hunt down some jama pants fabric. My kids would love some.

Cory and Kylee said...

I was thinking this morning i want to make a different St. Patrick's day banner.. Lets do one together! Its been awhile! ;)

BookwormMom said...

How do I make the rolled fabric rosettes? I would love to make some to match Talia's birthday outfit!