Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is this?!


I thought this was extinct in my life.


A traditional, paper goods, and glue, and scissors, and punches, layout.


There’s just something about touching all of these little, wonderful things..

february 067

Actually writing!

february 066

The physicality of it is just fun.

february 069

I’ve missed it for sure.

(I absolutely LOVE digital, don’t mistake me.)

But this feels good.

I had to make my craft room more of just that.  It has been more of a sewing room lately.

That, and looking at all the goods I have stashed away in there, I have to use them.  Have to.

(Although I think it’s safe to say, if there were a natural disaster of sorts, or another depression, I would be set with all things that are needed to craft.)

(It’s that bad people.)

(Or maybe good?)


mandi said...

I love playing with paper. Love love love it.

Rachael said...

There's just nothing like the good old fashioned way of doing it by hand.

It's therapy for the soul.