Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine’s Revisited.

As I began taking down my Valentine’s decorations, I realized that I never posted the fun stuff that we did here this year for the (card company/candy maker)holiday.

I planned on changing up the decorations last year, but never quite got around to making all the things I wanted to.

I bought paper at Heartland, that had me singing Beatles songs.  The name of the line “Love me do”, something that Merrill says all the time, especially when he is tired/worn down.

I love the colors.  So non-traditional.

And then there’s that turqois-ey/teal-ey color I so love…

v-day1 v-day2 v-day3

Call me crazy, but I would really love to paint a piece of furniture in this color.

A friend and I had a cookie making day..  we made lots of them.


We even got more artsy than usual with the decorating.



Another addition this year was this banner.  Inspired by the same paper line and color scheme.  I dreamed about it at night.


All about the details… 

v-day17 v-day15v-day16

But I knew it needed something more.. 

Tissue paper balls.

(And some other things that I never got to, but I probably would have if I just knew when to stop!!)

These are so fun to make!

(Now I know that I am not the first, and I am also aware that they have been around for a while now, but c’mon..  in these colors?  I had to share..)

I also learned a few tricks that make the whole process a lot easier.

(Those will come in another post, perhaps?)

But a tip for now: Target has the funnest colors right now..  the turquoise is in, and the “wish” color of blue (light blueish-greenish) is in the baby gift wrapping area along with the yellow.


Last but not least, and one of my favorite parts of our day were these bottles:


I got all excited watching History channel’s program on soda, they showed Jones soda company.  Did you know that you can go to their website and order their soda in bottles with YOUR picture on the label?!

Isn’t that so cool?

I thought so…  until I saw the attached price tag.

Pair that with the idea of my kiddos getting a 6 pack a piece, thinking that they need to drink it all that night, then the sugar high that would follow…  I so don’t need that.

So I did it my way.  I changed it up a bit, not being able to find the clear bottles with the fun red soda..  (sniff) so I kept the colors simple.

I went and bought my own little 4-pack of rootbeer, and printed off my own labels, using double-stick tape to hold it all together.

The girls loved them.

You can too!  Here’s the PSD template so you can make your own.  Just clip down the picture(s) you want to use (Control G my friends..  Control G..), print off on regular copy paper and stick away!

I am thinking of doing another version of these, making my custom nutrition label or something fun like that. 

With a little adjusting of the text, I think they would be a blast for a shower (be it baby or bridal) or a birthday party.

P.S. The font I used is “You Are Loved” form


Promise said...

I love it all! I want to make some labels! You could do that on just about anything..that is fun!

Ally's Corner said...

Loving that you are my friend and you have great ideas that I can use. Going to use the tissue paper balls for Alana's birthday party in a few months. Need to check out Target!!! LOVE your creative mind!

Monica Lifferth said...

You are so freakin' talented. Love it all and I think you def. need to paint a piece of furniture that color.