Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been keeping a secret..
I am not good at it.
I have only been keeping it since Monday.
See, not too good.
I have let the people who are in my life everyday know about it, and I have to admit I called my momma first..  I {heart} my mom!
So here goes…
I am an “un-official” creative team member for Miss Awesome Herself, Crystal Wilkerson.
I wish you could have seen my grin the day I read her e-mail!
(Okay, you got me..  still grinning!)
So I will be designing a lot with her product (pfft…  like I don’t already..) and plugging it even more.
But somehow I don’t think you will get sick of seeing her darling stuff.
springsweeties copy
And today is no exception!!
I created this page with her “Happy Spring” kit (papers and labels).
I created the scalloped strip using her “Funky Stitching” brushes.
The staple is from her “Office Supplies”.
Fonts and other supplies used: “Anstypants” for title, “Never Let Go” on pink label, “My Type of Font” for date and names, and “Heather” for letter stickers.  (All at
Stitching by Brittish Designs.
I LOVED using this brush to create a mask for the Polaroids!!


anniebobannie said...

Congrats! I would love to learn how to digital scrapbook. It seem much easier and cheaper then the regular way. I am all about easy!

Ally's Corner said...

Of course you are, you are wonderful!!! So happy for you.

Bonnie said...

Totally cool! Congrats!