Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pillowcase dress re-take.

I don’t take many requests, but when I got a request for a patchwork pillowcase dress (much like Peyton’s St. Patrick’s day one) in soft baby colors, I had to test out a new method that was with me every waking hour.
I quite literally lay in bed every night, thinking this one through, how I could do it, how I would turn it, and after which step, etc.
The idea was exciting to me…
A reversible pillowcase dress..
It is much like a regular old pillowcase dress, but with a few extra steps.  Ones that I will know better methods for execution for later experiences.
I loved working with these colors!!  It brought on spring for me when spring hadn’t quite arrived yet.
(I have to admit I was a bit too particular about the blue..  I have many other options for blue now, hunting all over Northern Utah for what I thought was perfect..)
dress 011
And here it is, inside-out, or is it outside-in? ;)
dress 013
I won’t lie, these seams were kinda buggers when it came to top-stitching…  but the detail looks so good!
 dress 021
I can’t wait to see the little cutie this was dreamed up for in it..
I have also been playing around with bringing some springtime fun to the rest of the house.
Dish-towels anyone?


Rachael said...

Totally Cute! I love your eye for color coordinating.

I saw another way of using the pillow case dress. I am in the middle of hunting down the perfect fabric. So I can use it in a photo shoot. It was darling, I can't wait to find what I'm looking for and share!

Ally's Corner said...

They you go again making all those cute things, jealous!! But I still love you!

kdance10 said...

Turned out darling. Love it!!!
oh and i love the dish towell too, so springy:)

Julie said...

Cute! You do such a great job.