Monday, March 15, 2010

Something Missing..

I have been noticing around my house lately, that there a few things missing..
Not like someone came in and stole anything, or that something is broken, just things that I notice need more, something else.
I can promise that this will be an ongoing post, I see a lot.
But the first few are here, just for your enjoyment..
We bought the girls bunk beds a year ago (almost) and ever since the night we put them up, I have wanted to do this:
Make your view on the bottom bunk pretty.
When we moved Peyton in with Ashley, I knew it had to happen.
It is not safe..  think splinters.
And rather unattractive, ugly really.
So I went to Lowe’s, I don’t get to go there as much as I used to  (sigh) and picked up some MDF and light blue spray paint (because we all know how much I love spray paint!).
After the blue paint had dried sufficiently, I conned Merrill in to taking apart the top bunk assembly to lay in the new pieces of wood, and then put everything else back in place.
(He’s such a good sport!)
Then I took an old t-shirt, some white acrylic paint, mixed with some pearlescent acrylic, and using the t-shirt dabbed some clouds in place..
3-15 016 copy 
3-15 028 copy
Beautiful!! :D
I would like to find glow-in-the-dark paint and stamp some small stars in that sky as well.  I think it would be a fun touch!  I also know that stickers wouldn’t last a day there…
The other area needing some help in this room was Ashley’s bed.  The girl must have EVERYTHING she owns on her bed.
I have convinced her that certain things just don’t belong in the same area that you sleep in (such as pencils, scissors, stacks of books..) but the girl insists on every stuffed animal and doll she owns be at her side.
I can understand that.  When I was little, I believed that my stuffed friends had feelings and were hurt when I would pick one and not all of them.  They usually slept lined up behind my pillow.
So to help her out, and to free up space on her bed, I decided to put up a shelf.
We had talked about it when it was Lynn’s bed, because she was the same way.
3-15 022 copy
Looks much better now, and there are no bedtime fits thrown when Hello Kitty can’t be located because she is buried under a mound of other fluff filled things.


Ally's Corner said...

Alana has to sleep with everything also, understand!

Tiffany said...

So cute! I love the clouds.