Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It feels like it's been a while..  too long.
I have been busy..
I have also been trying to find the motivation to finish the old craft room.  I hate it when I get to the end of a project, and just don't have the excitement it takes to finish it.
I really do have some things I would like to unearth in there..  some projects I would love to be working on.
But no.
It just isn't happening.
I am all about digital lately..
So relaxing.
Here's a layout..

And some freebies...

(Download available here..)
Oh wait..  more for ya..

(Download these here..)


Tiffany said...

I love those colors together, so cute!

Ally0005 said...

Oh my that is so cute!!!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

okay miss crafty lady! I am so impressed that you are making your own digital stuff! I wish I knew where to start! Amazing!