Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tips & Tricks..

Not sayin' you all want to make my delightful yet jacked-up cake, but here are some tips I have learned along the way.
- I do not make my cakes from scratch, I do my brownies, but not my cakes (gasp!! I know.. I am now less of a woman than you thought..) and my FAVORITE cake mix is the butter recipe variety.
- Wrap your cakes in foil and freeze your cakes immediately after they finish the recommended cooling time to turn out of the pan.
These two things make for a really moist cake.
In making the fondant, USE THE POWDERED SUGAR! Really. In most recipes, I do not always use that amount, sometimes more, and sometimes less, but with this, don't be shy.. use a lot. (But add it a little at a time..)
- Ganache.. it is delicious and so tasty.. but let me help. The first time I made it, the recipe did not state to whip the cream and chocolate mixture. WHIP IT. Let it cool, and then whip it. If you are using it as a crumb coat, chill it, but let it be a little soft to spread.
Just some tips.
Hope you enjoy them.
We enjoyed the cake. :)

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Ally0005 said...

Oh looks so good. Too bad you can't make me my birthday cake.