Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's June Baby!!!

Well, nearly :)
So I attempted to make my own June Desktop Background...It's all Mindy Terasawa.. love her designs!
I do have a layout, well a few, cookin' in my brain. I was all ready to take off and fly with them, but then I heard thunder.. and I lost all concentration.
We love a good storm around this house! Now it smells so unbelievably good....
Hey, and I must say I did pretty well catchin' up...
Let's see if my stellar math skills can process this one...
January 12 + February's 3..
Plus March's 0 :D
Still... 15!
15 plus April's 3 = 18...
And I got 28 done in May..
18 + 28 = 46
Hmmm... only 98 to go!


Aartee said...

YAY for June!

Rachael said...

Hey, that's way more than I've done! Pretty soon you won't be behind anymore, And you'll want to do layouts for everyone else!


Aartee said...

Proud to report I did one layout yesterday! Well almost still trying to think of a fun caption on it :)