Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flocking fun..

Nope, not meant to be a pseudo-swear :)
Real, crushed velvet flock from Doodlebug Designs.. one of my newest toys.Still catching up on the family album (I won't say how far back I REALLY am..) but am trying to hurdle over Peyton's birth pictures.. without crying on them.So here's the down-low on crushed velvet flock (if you don't already know.. it was new to me!)..
You can use glue pen, gluey stamp pad, double-sided tape, glue stick, or even your Xyron (I used my sticker maker).
1- Apply glue to whatever you desire to be flocked, you can even stamp an image, but don't make it goopy.
2- Over a scrap piece of paper (or other nifty tool used to catch extra stuff..), sprinkle your crushed velvet onto the glued area.
3- Shake extra off. Press the crushed velvet into the glue (see why you don't want it to be goopy :)..).
4- Transfer left over product back into the storage jar.Now I am off to fold more laundry (the never-ending task), and then enjoy some Double Stuffed Oreos with SKIM milk.. so do those two cancel each other out or what? :D


Rachael said...

That looks kinda cool!

Aartee said...

ooh fun stuff! I LOVE Double Stuff much better then the regular kind :)

BookwormMom said...

Cool...sounds like something I could manage!

You have to have the Double Stuff...having them with skim milk just means you can have 3 instead of 2!

Jenny said...

It makes me want to touch the hearts to feel the "flock." How fun!

courtneycash said...

SUPER CUTE! And now I want some oreos with a fat glass of milk - thanks! ;-)