Monday, July 25, 2011

a layout or 5..

I have been getting a lot of scrapping done.

(sadly it is all digi scrapping..  heaven knows how many pictures i have that are printed off, waiting in the mess that is now known as my craft room in the basement..  don’t even get me started on the stash of supplies that keep those pics company..)

I am not sure if this surge of digi scrapping is because of the re-discovered passion my girls have for playing polly pockets or  for watching jurassic park.

(both of which seem to take place in the loft, upstairs where the computer is..)

but anyway..  here’s a few:

(as always, click on layout for list of full credits.)

new today:

“chemistry” by cosmo cricket:


and i was way too excited about these brushes by liv:

littlebug copy

and well, then there is all of this other stuff, that was basically just for fun…  our summer has been well-spent, and i have some cute pix to prove it!

(cute pix = more scrapping motivation!!)

bathingbeauties copycloudnine_qq copythesky'sthelimit copy

hope you are enjoying your summer as well!!


Rachael said...

I like how I get a sneak peak of layouts looking through the J.S. galleries.

mandi said...

I love these. I had to go looking to see if the cloud 9 one was a template... It should be ;).

Monica Lifferth said...

I'm loving all of these. I'm especially fond of the last two. Very nice work. :)