Saturday, April 2, 2011

A “duh” moment, from yours truly.

I have had this wonderful friend since second grade.

I begged her to take me to Hawaii, in her suitcase, at the end of that year.  Her family was going, and heck, I wanted to be there too.

(She did bring me home some fun souvenirs and tasty macadamias..  they mostly made up for not taking me.)

I have so many great memories of those days!  We had a lot of fun.

We still keep in contact, and I love the creative soul she is.

Today, after reading up on everyone on Facebook (good old Facebook…) I realized, she has a blog promoting her Etsy store!!!


(I have these moments all too often.  I will blame it on the three placentas that have been attached to my uterus and have subsequently sucked out most of the functioning brain cells that used to help me along.)

She has wonderful tutorials, such cute ideas, and then there’s the goodies she sells.

They make me want to bake!

(Or have another baby…)

My favorite pot holders:

jan 11 060_thumb

Go check out her blog here.

And her store here.

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