Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sew easy!

I know..  been said before, but hey, I am not trying to coin the phrase, just re-cycling it.

It just is too easy..  and too cute.

I found this tutorial a while ago and had to make it.  (I will be making more.)  I just needed to find some time.

The only thing harder than sewing this darling reversible summer top was getting the model to, well, model.

While I bribed (and threatened I must admit), our dinner of hot dogs on the grill, cooked to a very inedible state. 

(Thank heavens that hot dogs come in a never-ending supply.)

But the top sure is cute!

(And the hot dogs were a good enough sacrifice for the cute pics I did manage to get..)

shirt1 shirt2 shirt3

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Ally's Corner said...

Oh that is so cute. Wish my girls would wear things like that.