Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy fun.

I have been trying to find some relaxing time crafting.  Can’t wait to do more, and to scrapbook with the fun new paper I bought..

(Like I need any more paper…)

Guess who’s line this was made with?..

last week of june 172 last week of june 173 last week of june 178 last week of june 180

If you guessed Crystal Wilkerson, you’d be right!

I was probably a wee bit too giddy when I found her paper at my favorite scrapbooking store.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE digi, but I also love to use my hands and actual product.  It is quite therapeutic..


anniebobannie said...

I love this MORE then words can express!!! Will this be available in your shop perhaps???

Jocelyn said...

haha! you always need more least that is what i tell myself every time i go to the craft stores:-)

Rachael said...

Mmm... Summer!

Gary Boyle Family said...

I'm with Annie! I want one! :)