Tuesday, May 4, 2010

7 days in may.

i had so much fun this last weekend participating in challenges that really..  well..  challenged me. :)
there was one challenge that had to meet certain criteria and be executed in one hour or less.
then another one that had to be done in 1/2 hour or less. :O
i have loved them all, and am thankful that this week there are more!!
if you are wondering where i am playing, wonder no more!
yesterday’s challenge:
- stripes + a large letter + one picture =
lazy days
(using crystal wilkerson’s {sweet summertime} line, june 2009 “office supplies”, and jumbo alpha.)
today’s challenge:
this freebie
+ this ad for inspiration
day2 copy
(using the freebie from “live designs”, and “queen of quirk” knotty girl paper and sitting pretty elements.)
come and play, it’s pretty fun!!


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BookwormMom said...

I don't know how....I'm still trying to find a day when someone can give me some lessons....

:( :( :(

(am I sad enough for you? ;))