Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Funny how things work out... I have had the desire and stuff to make this "Word Girl" cape for Ashley for Christmas, and wouldn't you know it, there was a request for tips on cape making!

Blogger Aartee said...
So cute! I want to do capes for my nephews for Christmas but have never actually used a sewing machine and always stick to smaller sewing projects....can you help????
Me and my helpful model, Lynn, here, will certainly try! (She was so great, she knows how to keep a secret!)

First, take measurements. How long do you want it to be? If you want to do the option I have pictured, measure the chest across too. Or you can opt for ties to tie it around the neck or even velcro. I also measured her shoulders, across her back, where the top of this cape is designed to lie.
I wanted Ashley's cape to be about 20 inches long, so I cut it at 21 inches to allow for seams.
The width at the top I cut at 12.
Hopefully you can see in the pic, the lines where I drew to cut. I bought a yard of fabric, folded it in half again, and I cut it on the fold. 4 layers cut on the fold = 2 layers for the cape.
I assembled the chest piece first, using one of her shirts as a guide, making sure my measurements fit in. I sewed around all the edges, leaving a little gap to turn it right side out. Then I pressed it, top-stitched the edges, and added my "Word Girl" symbol. I did the same thing with the cape.
I used Lynn as my fitting guide to see where the right side of the chest piece should lie on the cape when on the body (laying it flat, pinning it, and sewing it in place, would result in too small an arm hole...) and sewed just the right side of the chest piece to the cape.
I added velcro tabs to the left side of the chest piece and cape to make it all stay on.
There you have it...
My secret is intact!
"Word Up!"

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Aartee said...

Thanks so much! I have to get on top of this for my nephews christmas gift :)