Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My lastest crafts...

This was sooo complicated...
-bought the magnet board, took out the sheet metal.
-sanded and spray-painted the wood frame.
-glued ribbons to the back and put the metal back in.
-flipped it over and tied the ribbon...
Signs just as complicated (okay, a few more steps...)
-trace letters on to scrapbook paper.
-cut wood long enough to fit your word on.
-sand and paint (I like to spray paint, fast and smooth...)
-modge podge on your letters, or I like the Xyron...
-put a sealing coat of modge podge on.
-attach ribbon to the back to hang, or pick another hanger of choice.
(I like to use rub-ons too.)

The canvases are the same process as the signs, just with a picture underneath and they are canvas instead of wood, obviously. I like to wrap ribbon around the outside to add texture and hide staples.

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